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Jess Fields – Knots of Love Studios

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This girl is doing it so right. She’s hustling hard with her creative self and making the most wonderful things for women to wear, hang on their walls, and hold their plant babies. Meet Jess Fields: Senior Web Designer by day, Professional Macrame Creator by night. We bonded over FaceTime earlier this week and OH MY WORD she is amazing and I can’t wait to tell you all about her fabulous business. When I asked Jess how Knots of Love Studios all started she answered, “basically I have two cats that wanted to kill themselves by eating plants.” And I laughed out loud as she proceeded to turn her computer and showcase her windowsill FULL. OF. PLANTS. Yep, total plant and cat mama. She explained that she had to put her plants on the windowsill so her cats couldn’t eat them. As she continued to accumulate plants (as a good…

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